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Artist Recreates Childhood Scribbles as Digital Illustrations Over 20 Years Later

We’ve seen an artist who collaborated with her 4-year-old daughter, transforming her random sketches and scribbles into fully realized artworks. With another take on the child/adult collaborative art genre, Dutch muralist Telmo Pieper did something similar, instead collaborating with his 4-year-old self in his series called Kiddie Arts. The artist took old childhood sketches which he then recreated as digital illustrations by applying realistic light, color, and texture to the hilariously deformed shapes he imagined in his youth. You can see much more of Pieper’s work on his website and Tumblr. He also collaborates with artist Miel Krutzmann as part of Telmo Miel out of Rotterdam. (via Bored Panda, Laughing Squid)

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She was bored with most of the people she was fucking.
In most terrible depths live only the damned;
A crocodile in a summer dress.
She spent her youth looking up at the stars,
dreaming about what was up there.
Other worlds, and
a mysterious object
on the oceans of Titan.
But like the movements of a caged animal,
she was always haunted by the idea
that she was wasting her life.
And he didn’t understand.